Terms & conditions for vouchers

The terms and conditions and data protection provisions of I-Motion GmbH (hereinafter: I-Motion) apply to the purchase of gift vouchers. In addition, the following voucher conditions apply:

1. Subject
In accordance with these conditions, the I-Motion voucher can be used for purchases on the shop.i-motion.ag page. The voucher will be sent to you in the form of an online voucher after receipt of payment by email. You can pass the voucher on to third parties. In this case you undertake not to use the voucher code any more or to reveal it to third parties.

2. Redeem the voucher
The voucher can be used to purchase merchandise for the items offered by I-Motion. Simply enter the voucher code when completing the purchase under "Further options"> "Enter voucher code" and confirm with Enter or click on the send button. The voucher value will be deducted from the invoice amount. Vouchers cannot be used to purchase other vouchers or be paid out. A subsequent crediting of a voucher to an order that has already been placed is unfortunately not possible. Only one voucher can be redeemed per order.

3. Remaining credit
If the voucher value exceeds the invoice amount, any remaining credit is retained and can be used by entering the voucher code again. A cash payment of the (remaining) value of the voucher is excluded.

4. Validity
Vouchers must be redeemed no later than three years after purchasing the voucher; thereafter they lose their validity.

5. Liability
You undertake to keep the voucher code secret and only give it to the person to whom you want to give the voucher. I-Motion assumes no liability for the loss, theft or misuse or the delayed transmission (e.g. due to technical difficulties) of the voucher code.

For promotional vouchers, please note the special conditions for redemption mentioned in each case (e.g. special redemption period, etc.).